Speech Therapy in Waverley, England


I always start with an initial assessment at your home or your child’s school. The assessment involves discussing the child’s history with you, and informally assessing your child’s communication through observation, play and interaction. In some cases it’s also necessary to carry out a formal assessments to gain a comprehensive picture of your child’s communication abilities and needs.

You will be present throughout the entire assessment, and I will then provide a summary report including recommendations. Since I may need to discuss your child’s communication needs with other professionals involved in your child’s care, the report can also be circulated to them with your consent.

Assessment recommendations generally fall into the following categories:

  • Further assessment
  • Individual therapy at home or at school
  • Home programme with review
  • No further action required

Further assessment may be required for a number of reasons, and it’s often necessary to gain as much information as possible about your child’s communication difficulties to tailor effective therapy for your child.

Individual therapy is carried out at your home with you present so you can observe the therapy tasks and techniques, enabling you to carry out therapy activities in between sessions. Carrying out activities at home in between sessions can result in further progress in a number of cases. Therapy can also be delivered at your child’s school. You are welcome to be part of these sessions, or homework can be given for you to carry out with your child in between the sessions.

Home programme involves a session discussing and demonstrating the tasks and activities for you to carry out at home over an agreed period of time. There will then be a review assessment session to assess progress.

No further action might be required  for a number of reasons, such as your child’s communication skills are at the same level as their peers, or it’s agreed therapy would not be helpful at that time.